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I am passionate about optimal health, sustainable lifestyle, and in constant pursuit of aligned & rhythmic living. I strive for fitness of the soul, mind, heart, and body by working from the inside out. I always seek to engage in life while refining character to match integrity.

Lodestar- One that serves as an inspiration or guide.

Optimize your journey!

Service to you.


About me.


Enter the Narrow Path & widen your lens

My committment to you:

  • Dig deeply and courageously
  • Listen intently to the words spoken and unspoken
  • Challenge, invite, motivate, and encourage
  • Communicate the truth
  • Sometimes insist YOU take charge
  • Be open, transparent, and vulnerable
  • Find new and effective ways of working together creatively, and fearlessly, while continuously building our alliance

I have no judgment, blame, or shame in the environment I create for you. I provide a safe & authentic space in “getting real” to obtain sustainable results.



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